You can’t figure it out.

You’re skilled, educated, and experienced.

But you’re not landing job offers.

In fact, you’re barely getting any interviews.

And it’s been months.

You once felt confident, convinced that you’d be able to secure a job offer, excited about the prospect of sharing the news with family and friends.

But not anymore.

Days have slowed to a drag.

And your LinkedIn feed only serves as a reminder that others are landing offers when you yourself aren’t.

I understand how it feels.

I’ve been there.

I graduated with a degree in Economics from a top school in New York with a few years worth of experience in the startup world.

I struggled through online application after online application, and barely heard back from any company I reached out to.

Then, I figured out a strategy that allowed me to land 30 first round interviews at companies across the board, from YC startups to larger organizations. Since then, I’ve gone on to study and develop better ways to optimize the interview process.

I’ll be sharing my learnings in this newsletter.

I hope they serve you well.

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